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About Us

The HitsConnect tracking system was born out of a need to personally track ads, in our own traffic exchanges and advertising campaigns. We needed to know

  • which campaigns worked best
  • which ones delivered traffic fastest
  • and what time of day was best to have our ad pages displayed,
  • which day of the week was best for ezine ads in which ezine
  • which headlines worked best
  • was short copy or long copy better for our products and services
  • which pages on our sites converted sales best
  • how many pages were viewed before sales were made
  • which pages visitors left from

HitsConnect is our guiding light to all those questions, It gave us the power to advertise in a more cost effective and structured way. we learnt where best to spend our advertising dollars to get maximum sales and revenue.

Now you can use it to do the same, we have several other advertising sites on the net


So we know how to advertise, with HitsConnect we learnt where to advertise.

So use the HitsConnect ad tracking system because advertising is a process, but it shouldn't be a difficult one.

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Owned By:

Josh Abbott