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Not Tracking your ads Results in MASSIVE loss of time and money

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Instantly separate the winners from the losers

If you're NOT testing and tracking all your online advertising and conversion then every change you make and every piece of advertising you pay for could be COSTING you money and you'd never know.

In fact if you're not split-testing and tracking now parts of your online advertising ARE costing you money.  

The question your HitsConnect split testing and tracking system will help you answer is which advertising sources and pay-per-click keywords you should keep and which you should dump.

Just eliminating your ineffective, money-sucking advertising (like non-paying pay per click keywords) and spending more on the advertising that IS effective can dramatically increase your online profits - often overnight.

HitsConnect's ingenious Web Site Trackers calculate the "ad profitability" for every marketing campaign you launch. You'll know which ones to keep, and which ones to dump!

Track Ezine ads, banner swaps, pay-per-click keyword bids and much more. You can even track search engine traffic as well as keyword and key phrase denominations! And for every campaign, you'll know:


Which Traffic Exchanges really deliver results and which ones just keep you clicking for no real result (This could triple your earnings over night)
Whether free classified sites are worth the effort
Which ezines are the most profitable
How a sponsored Ezine ad compares standard one's
Whether animated banners are better than static ones
Does the one with the word "free" in the headline fare best
Does the ad at the start of an Ezine outperform the one at the end and so on

When you run an advertising campaign you run it with the intention of making money. But how do you know if it is really making you money? Especially if you run more than one ad at a time.

If you run identical ads in different promotions how do you know which ones are worth running again?

There is only one way to know. You must track your advertising, online or offline. Just ask any successful marketer, and one thing they will all tell you is that you must track your ads.

Learn exactly how many times your links have been clicked on. Check unique and repeat traffic. Learn exactly where traffic was referred from. What time of day your visitors are most active (yes we report hourly statistics)

Imagine if you could accurately and easily track every link on your website, click by click. Now you can! HitsConnect is a tool that will revolutionize the way you measure your website's performance.

How many visitors each campaign has brought in
Split-testing How many affiliates & subscribers each page generated
How a sponsored Ezine ad compares standard one's
Ad tracking
Unique clicks today
Total unique clicks
Referring page stats
Sales today
Total sales that campaign created
Cost per click and
Cost per sale analysis (How big or small your return on investment is)
Export reports for easy viewing/charting in other programs, such as Microsoft Excel

It's like getting a $70,000 a year marketing analyst absolutely free!

A completely automated system... there's no messy setups... no scripts to install either... just start using HitsConnect for FREE right now!

HitsConnect instantly tracks traffic as soon as it reaches your web site so you can see where the traffic and sales came from. The system even tracks your expenses, and instantly calculates your net profit!

Add your own user defined parameter to the Trker URL and track the same ad in multiple promotions.

Say you wanted to test the usefulness of various traffic exchanges. You don't need a Trker url for each, simple create one and have it point to your web site. Then when you add the Trker url into the traffic engine database add your user parameter to the end of the URL,

For Example:

When you add your Trker URL into an Ezine campaign you would enter name

HitsConnect also takes the guesswork out of tracking visitors in and out of your website.

Have you ever wondered how many clicks you are sending to an affiliate program or promotional partner? Grab a HitsConnect membership and HitsConnect will tell you the EXACT NUMBER!

HitsConnect also gives you the information you need to demand accountability for the valuable traffic you send to other web sites and affiliates. If its not converting well then you can instantly redirect that valuable traffic to a program or service that does convert

Track internal links so you'll know where your visitors are going - and where they're not.

Join HitsConnect and keep accurate tabs on "any link" on your site. save money by dropping those ads that don't convert into sales. Tracking your ads is must do if you want to optimise your profits and cut your advertising costs.

Discover which page produces the most sales by tracking every link to your signup form, track visitors movements through your site so you can see the exact buying process that works best

You can go online at any time and view your stats, which will be immediately up to date. If someone clicked on your ad just a second ago this information will already be available in the system. pull off reports on any ad campaign over any period e.g. by month, day or even by hour.

Here's Another Great Feature That You Get With HitsConnect.
A Built In Ad Rotator Lets You Advertise Multiple Websites With One Url!

Currently, there are some ad rotators out there that charge $20 a month! You get this free with HitsConnect.

With the new rotator in place you get even more unbelievable value. The HitsConnect complete tracking and rotator system means you get MORE advertising and promotion power.

Rotate an UNLIMITED number of Trker links.
Disable and enable specific Trker links WITHOUT deleting them from your list.
Advertise one single URL address - no matter HOW many links you're promoting you still get complete tracking stats on each Trker link in your rotator!
Split test unlimited pages to see which one converts the best
Traffic exchange friendly frame break tester, so your HitsConnect rotator will be welcome at all traffic exchanges

Manage And Track Your Banner Ads From One Location

Banner advertising is a powerful tool that can increase logo recognition, promote brand awareness, and generate leads. However, trying to manage, track, and update your banner campaigns at difference sources can be a difficult task. HitsConnect introduces you to its brand new service, a total link and track, banner rotator like no other.

HitsConnect now lets you manage all of your banners in one place. Just create a rotator for your banners -- and we will track them and give you click through and referral stats just like normal Trker links do.

Try it for FREE right now!

Slot in the last piece of the puzzle
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To Your Success!

Josh Abbott

PS: Right now you are sitting at the crossroads. You can ignore this letter and pretend that not tracking hasn't just cost you a ton of new sales. Six months from now, your business will probably be at the same place it is now.

Or you can make the choice today to take charge of creating your own success by becoming a HitsConnect member.